How to Transfer Agents to Your LLC in TREC

Before you begin!

If you bought one of our LLC Setup Packages, skip this section!
You should already have a "My License Services" account with TREC as an agent. You'll need to create an account specifically for your LLC and add your LLC license to it as you'll have to accept sponsorship requests for your LLC through that account. If you submitted your LLC application online, use the account that you created to submit, do not create another account.  If you mailed in your application, use the email address that you specified on the app for your LLC.  If that email is the same as your Online Services profile for your agent account, then log in as that account instead of creating another one.
If you did a change of broker for your existing licensed LLC, use the Online Services account you've been using for the LLC as the license will already be associated with it.  If you didn't previously create an account for your LLC while sponsored by your old broker, we will have to associate your LLC license with Kari's profile and manage your sponsorship requests.
To create an account, follow the steps here using the email address registered for your LLC.  You will then need to add your LLC license number to the LLC profile.  

After logging in to your LLC profile, click Update Profile on the top right and then click the Add Licenses button on the profile screen.  Choose "Texas Real Estate Commission" as the board and "Real Estate Company" as the license type.

Enter the information exactly as shown on the LLC license file we emailed to you.

NOTE: Sometimes this doesn't work and we have to add the license to our profile.  This isn't a big deal and just means we'll accept your agent sponsorship requests on your behalf.
After creating an account for your LLC and adding your LLC license to it, log out of that account as you'll need to login with your agent account to perform a sponsorship request to your LLC.

Requesting Sponsorship to Your LLC

All agents that you want to sponsor must perform these steps.

  • Go to the TREC website:
  • Enter your username and password in the upper right-hand corner and click Login.
  • You should be redirected to the My License Services page. If not, click on your name and select My License Services or go to  If you don't have a My License Services agent account, follow the steps here to create one.
  • Select "Manage My Sponsorship (Sales)"  from the drop down menu under "Change your license information..." and click Select.  Click Next on the Introduction screen.
  • Click "Request Sponsorship".  When the search box opens, select "Real Estate Company" as the License Type and enter the license number for your LLC (starts with a 9) in the License Number box.  Do not enter or select anything else!  Click Search.
  • The name of your LLC should appear as the search result.  Click the checkbox next to your LLC and click the Request button.  This will take you back to the Manage My List screen which should now your company name.  Click Next to proceed.
  • On the Application Summary page, click the Submit button.  Continue until with any additional prompts/questions until you've reached the end.

Click here for a step by step doc with screenshots.  The license number in the doc is just an example, do NOT enter that number, use the number for your LLC.

Accepting Sponsorship Requests

You'll need to perform the following steps to accept agents to your LLC including yourself.  Agent sponsorship requests are usually sent immediately but can take up to 15 minutes or longer at times. To accept your agent sponsorship requests:

  • Log in to your My License Services account for your LLC, select Manage Sales Agent Sponsorships from the drop down under Change your license information... and click Select.
  • Click Next on the Introduction screen. You should see your pending agent requests listed. If not, wait a few minutes and refresh the screen.
  • There's a column labeled Actions where you'll find a link to "Accept" on the row for each agent's request. Click Accept next to each request and then click the Next button.
  • On the next screen, you'll need to select Yes and then click Next until you reach the end.

Designated Supervisor

One of your sponsored agents must take the Broker Responsibility Course and be the Designated Supervisor for your LLC. This agent will essentially be the "go to" person for real estate activities within your LLC and will be the person your other agents go to for real estate questions.  The designated supervisor agent is typically the owner of the LLC.  The designated supervisor and/or the owner (if different) will be our point of contact for your LLC.  To register the designated supervisor for your LLC:

  • Log in to My License Services with your LLC account, select Manage Sales Agent Sponsorships again and click Next to go to the list of your agents.
  • Place a checkmark in the Desg Spvsr column next to your name (or the agent that will be your designated supervisor). More than one agent can be a Desg Spvsr but each must take the Broker Responsibility Course.
  • Click Next, answer Yes if prompted, and keep clicking Next until the end.