Getting started

The information listed below is covered in the video. You can read through the steps below or just follow along with the video.

Logging in

When you join the brokerage, we will email login info for the site.  You must be logged in to view the training and marketing resources on the site.  You can login from the homepage by clicking My Account at the top of the screen or the Agent Login button on the page.  Also, if you try to access a training course without being logged in, there will by a link on the training page to login.

NOTE: If you don't remember your password, click the Lost Your Password link on the login page to reset it.

Login buttons
Login window

Changing your password

Edit Account

After logging in, you’ll be taken to your account profile.  You can change your password by clicking on the Edit Account link.  Next, click the Change Password link to edit your password.


Accessing the training courses

We're using software designed for online schools/training.  The topics that we discuss are designated as courses even though they may only be a single page long.  There are several different ways to see and access these training courses.  When you log in, the account profile screen will show all of the training courses available.  Going to Training on the top menu will show the courses available as well.  You can also click the search icon on the top menu and enter a term to search for.

Each training course will be broken down in to lessons organized by category.  For example, BackAgent training shown in the pic below has five different lessons related to “Getting Started”.  Each lesson is labeled as X of Y to show how many belong to the same category.  Click the name of the lesson to view it.

While viewing a lesson, the widget in the right pane (bottom on mobile devices) will show all of the sections and lessons available for the course.  You can click the name of a lesson to go to it.


If you want to track the lessons that you’ve completed, click the Mark Complete button at the end of the lesson.  The lesson will then show as completed in the lesson widget as well as on the course overview page.  You can mark the lesson as incomplete by going to the end of the lesson and clicking the Mark Incomplete link.  This isn't a requirement - the feature exists for your benefit and is entirely up to you if you want to use it.

Below the Mark Complete button are links that will take you to the previous and next lessons in the course.