Renewing Your LLC License

Last modified on Oct 28, 2021

Just like your agent license, the broker license for your LLC must be renewed every 2 years.  The process to renew is easy, just follow the steps below to send in the necessary forms.  TREC says the required docs must be provided at least 10 business days before the license expiration date to ensure your license is renewed on time.  Given our experiences with TREC, we recommend that you send everything in at least a month in advance.


Step 1 – Updated TREC Certificate of Insurance

Just like when you applied for your LLC broker license, TREC needs proof that you have the proper E&O coverage since the designated broker is not an owner in your company.

  1. Download a blank TREC Certificate of Insurance form by clicking here.  This is the only form accepted by TREC for proof of insurance.
  2. For #1 on the form, put your actual LLC legal name.  Do not put a DBA (assumed) name here.
  3. For #2-4, put your info.  For the address, a P.O. box is acceptable for a mailing address but a physical address is required for the location.
  4. For #5, put your 7 digit LLC license number (starts with a 9).
  5. Send the form to your E&O insurance agent to complete and sign.

NOTE: Make sure the insurance coverage expiration date is beyond the expiration date for your LLC license or TREC will reject the renewal.


Step 2 – Retrieve a Franchise Tax Account Status

You must show proof that your LLC is in good standing with the State.  They will not look this up for you.  You must follow the steps below to retrieve an updated Franchise Tax Account Status report online.

Go to the Taxable Entity Search page.  Enter any of the required pieces of info and click Search.  Click the Details button by your company name.


Click the printer icon in the pop up window to print/save the report.


Very important: your “right to transact business” status must be Active.  If it is not, you must contact the State to resolve the issue.  TREC will NOT renew your LLC license if the business has any status other than Active.


Step 3 – Complete Renewal Form and Submit to TREC

Online Renewal
**NOTE: Steps below are for renewing via mail.  This can now be done online by logging into the TREC account for your LLC.  A renewal option will appear in the TREC tool a couple of months prior to the license expiration date.  Select the option to renew, verify the contact info is correct, answer the questions, and be sure to click the Pay Now at the end so you can submit payment.  After paying, email the required proof docs from the other steps to [email protected] and be sure to state that it’s for the renewal for the business entity license for Name of Your LLC.  Keep the email acknowledgement that your message was received in case they claim they never received the documents (has happened in the past).  Highly recommend doing the renewal online as it’s faster and less likely to get lost in the mail.  Unfortunately, if you previously had another designated broker, TREC associates the LLC license with the new broker’s profile when doing a change of broker so you will have to do a mail-in renewal.

Mail-in Renewal
Complete the TREC Renewal of Business Entity Broker License form and send to TREC with your payment.  Be sure to mail with some type of delivery receipt as you may need to prove to TREC that it was delivered in case they claim they never received and make your license inactive.  Here’s how to complete:

  1. Download the form by clicking here.
  2. For #1 – 3 on the form, enter the info exactly as shown on your LLC license.  We emailed you a copy of your license when issued by TREC and you can always view your LLC license by doing a license holder search by your LLC name on the TREC website.
  3. Enter your mailing address and business email address on #6.
  4. For #8, enter the physical address for your business – do not put a P.O. Box address!
  5. Send to us to review and for the broker signature.  We will send the form back to you.

Send this renewal form, the certificate of insurance form from Step 1, and the Franchise Tax Account Status report from Step 2 to TREC’s address on the renewal form along with your payment.